Devi Garh Palace

The former Rajput Palace is now a luxury hotel nestled in the Aravali ranges that will make your dream destination wedding in Udaipur. We picked out this venue for the royal hotel with the manicured gardens and majestic interiors. The five star hotel contains 39 unique suites giving you a taste of luxury like never before. It has different suites from the garden suite to the grand place suite that cater to different needs. The resort has a restaurant with international cuisines and a fully loaded bar. You name it and they have got it!

Moreover, this renowned hotel has been on the top of the trending list of wedding destinations. Specifically due to the vast number of courtyards and darbars that are lodged inside this heritage hotel which serves as the ultimate party venue. With a breathtaking view of the mountains, the Durbar courtyard provides a pleasant ambience and fresh air as it is an open air venue with cascading fountains in the background, it can accommodate around fifty guests for a private ceremony. There is also the Janana courtyard which houses a bonfire for the cold nights and a live kitchen for some sizzling barbecue, this can turn into a private dinner hall for the pre wedding festivities.

The resort has a huge pool for all the water lovers which can be converted into a party venue and can accommodate around 30 guests which is perfect for a secluded bachelorette party. The biggest venue is the green lawn and spring flowers adorn the location with charismatic beauty. This could be made into a dream wedding venue with fairy lights and dhol beats.If you want to make your big day an unforgettable memory topped with glamour, this is the venue which has everything you will need. From poolside decks to aristocratic darbars, luxurious rooms and a spectacular view, we offer it all. Your big fat Indian wedding would reach the heights of class and grandeur at this heritage hotel only with our team of wedding planners in Udaipur!

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